The Tree of Time

  • Viking Time Travel Romance

  • A contemporary businesswoman. A ninth-century Viking warrior. Can they overcome history and grow the perfect love?

    Florida, 2019. Hugely successful CEO Holly longs for a child, and maybe even a man of her own to love. But after dead-end relationships and multiple failed IVF procedures, she’s convinced she’ll be alone eternally. Until hope arrives as she travels back in time and is rescued from sacrifice by a muscular swordsman.

    Scotland, 880 AD. Viking warrior Einar remains haunted by his wife’s death in childbirth. But rather than mourn, he must obey orders from his king to rid the Orkney Islands’ colony of outlaws and find a new wife. Though he’s duty bound, he vows never to take another woman to bed…

    Desperate to return to the modern world, Holly is torn by her growing attraction to the kindhearted Einar. And when their bond produces a child, the dual dangers of a life-threatening labor and persistent raiders could doom them both.

    Can Holly and Einar conceive a forever love across the bounds of centuries?

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