Read the continuation of Amy and Craig’s story in a free, bonus epilogue where you meet their baby.



Read the bonus epilolgue for “Highlander’s Hope” where you see Marjorie and Konnor six months later.



Do you want to see how I imagine Sigurd and Donna? I commissioned an artist to paint their portraits, and if you are curious, have a look!



I wrote this prologue before I even began writing The Marriage of Time. When deciding how to start the novel, my editor and I chose a different beginning—where a grown-up Hakon confronts King Nyr. But I love this chapter because you get to see exactly what happened from twelve-year-old Hakon’s perspective, and who he was the night everything changed. You also get to meet his mother, Dota, and his father, Ulf.
So, I thought you might enjoy spending some more time with Hakon and see the origins of The Beast.


Although the epilogue in the book is the big wedding with hundreds of guests, here you have a chance to experience an intimate morning with the small family: just Hakon, Mia, and Ulf. I love this scene as it’s so cozy and intimate, and I wanted to share it with you because throughout the book there were scenes with Mia and Hakon, just the two of them, while Mia was pregnant. But this scene is a unique opportunity to see the couple with their baby son, in their small bubble of happiness. The happiness they truly deserve.