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Bonus Epilogue

One years later… 

As the chandelier’s light shimmered across the well-set dining table of Roxburgh Place, Calliope looked at her guests—Miss Alexandria Beckett, who was Penelope’s cousin, and the Viscount Emeric Beauchamp—and Nathaniel. This dinner, so well arranged, was ostensibly to celebrate the forthcoming engagement of Alexandria and Beauchamp, but it had a different agenda. 

In the carefully orchestrated plan, Nathaniel’s sisters were dining with Grandmama, and Ethan, who had just started walking, was asleep as always at this hour. 

Alexandria, often known as Alex among her close circle, was a vision of grace and poise. Her dark hair shimmered in the candlelight and was meticulously styled into delicate ringlets that framed her face. Her large and captivating eyes always had a twinkle that spoke of an indomitable spirit and relentless optimism. Her well-defined features were balanced, her cheekbones high, and her naturally rosy lips often curled into a friendly smile. 

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