Viking’s Temptation

  • Viking Time Travel Romance

  • A time-traveling modern woman, a fierce Viking warrior, and a love that defies time itself.

    Austin, Texas, 2018. Rebecca is prepared to settle for a loveless marriage, seeking the stability she’s always craved. But fate has other plans when an ancient golden spindle unexpectedly transports her centuries into the past and into the arms of a fierce Viking warrior.

    Norway, 869 AD. Jarl Magnus, the alpha Viking, is captivated by the mysterious beauty who appears in the midst of his raid of an enemy village. Terrified and vulnerable, Rebecca trades a passionate kiss for the warrior’s aid to help her return to her time. But with a deranged berserker in pursuit, her conflicted craving for more may not be enough to keep them alive.

    When a chance to return home arises, Rebecca’s heart is torn between the safety of her old life and the exciting promise of a future with her Viking protector. She must decide: Will she choose the security or risk everything for the love of a Viking warrior?

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