Her Christmas Prince

  • Regency Historical Romance

  • Her Christmas wish list didn’t include a Russian Prince. Perhaps it should have…

    Lady Helen Courtney is on the verge of having everything she’s ever wanted. The arranged marriage to her childhood crush is a dream come true. Finally she’ll have a family of her own and all the love she’s craved since she lost her parents. But when she arrives in St. Petersburg, her intended is nowhere to be found. His brother, however, is there—and he’s entirely too tempting for her peace of mind.

    Prince Roman Lipov has always been the responsible brother—stoic, honorable, in control. Putting his own happiness above his duty to family and country was never an option. But Helen is gorgeous, independent, and everything he never knew he needed. Falling for her can only end in disaster. And yet…their connection is so visceral that he begins to wonder what it would be like to follow his heart instead of his logical mind for once—just once—in his life.

    When Helen’s intended returns, can the lure of forbidden love and the promise of happily ever after triumph over duty? Or is Helen destined to lose her Christmas Prince once and for all?

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