Viking’s Captive

  • Viking Time Travel Romance

  • Enemies become lovers when a powerful Viking jarl takes a beautiful time traveler captive. Have the fates sent him a good omen or a curse?

    *** – previously published as The Fortress of Time

    New York City lawyer Donna has a firm grasp on reality. But when an old woman’s golden spindle sends her back in time—and straight into a fierce Viking jarl’s bed—she thinks it’s all a delicious dream.

    Seeing Donna appear out of thin air, Sigurd believes she’s a goddess…and he sets about worshipping her in the sexiest ways possible. But when she tries to leave, he takes her captive, unwilling to lose any advantage she may bring in an upcoming battle.

    Betrayed by his sister to the enemy that destroyed his fortress, Sigurd would sooner put his trust in Loki than any woman. And Donna has had her fill of domineering men in the courtroom.

    As Sigurd’s people frantically rebuild to prepare for the next attack, Donna thwarts his wishes by rallying the women to help. But their daytime clashes lead to nights of fiery passion and a bond no battle could break.

    When raiders come, will Donna’s self-defense skills help her escape the past, or will the Viking Age take her life along with her heart?

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