“I love Mariah’s books as they take me away to another time.”



Do you love being taken away to another time?  To explore another era and experience the smells, sounds, and tastes, of that timethrough the eyes of well developed characters?
To indulge even if only for a brief moment, in the simplicity of life back then, when men were men and riches were not as important as love, honor and spending time with those they loved?
Then I am happy you found me as my books allow you to do just that! So have a look around read a little more about me, have a look at the books I have published so far and discover some exclusive extras.

And to make it even easier to get to know each other a little more, I also include a small welcome gift for you — download the prequel to my Called by a viking series for free. 

Travel back in time into the worlds of Highlanders, Vikings and Pirates

By Mariah Stone

One Night with a Viking

Called by a Viking series – FREE Prequel

She’s settling for second best. He’ll take what he wants. Can a cautious modern woman find true love with a raging alpha Viking?

Rebecca knows she’s not in love. But after her abusive and chaotic upbringing, marrying for stability doesn’t sound half bad. Unfortunately, she might not make it to the church on time after she tumbles hundreds of years into the past and into the arms of a beefy Viking.

Jarl Magnus swings his axe first and asks questions later. So when he sees a stunning woman looking completely out of place amongst his people, he follows his instincts to protect her. Even though saving the girl has surrounded them both with bloodthirsty enemies.

Terrified and vulnerable, Rebecca trades a passionate kiss for Jarl’s aid. But with a deranged berserker in pursuit, her conflicted craving for more may not be enough to keep them alive.

When a chance to return home arises, will Rebecca play it safe or cast her lot with an impulsive Viking?

One Night with a Viking is a standalone novella in the steamy Called by a Viking time travel romance series. If you like rugged alpha men, bold women, and wild Nordic adventures, then you’ll love Mariah Stone’s rousing tale.

Download One Night with a Viking to step into the passionate past today!

By Mariah Stone


Called by a Highlander series – FREE Prequel

Ending his misery will ensure hers…

Highland faeries have two rules. Sineag broke the first when she fell in love with handsome Pictish warrior druid, Brude. It didn’t even matter that he was married to another. Her heart belonged to him…even if he could never love her in return.

 But then his wife died, leaving him broken and desolate. Now, Sineag has a choice to make. She can either break the second rule of her people and use her magic to send him back in time to save his beloved…or she can do nothing and keep him for herself.

 What she didn’t know—what she couldn’t have known—was just how much her fateful choice would impact the generations of Highlanders that followed…