Viking’s Desire

  • Viking Time Travel Romance

  • A captive time traveler. A Viking jarl on a mission. Will marriage be the price of her freedom?

    *** – previously published as The Tree of Time

    Searching for her roots, American CEO Holly visits Scotland. An ancient ash isn’t the kind of family tree she had in mind. But when she touches a golden spindle carved into its rough bark, she is sucked through time to the ninth century—and captured in a Viking raid.

    Warrior Einar Birgirsson rescues the beautiful stranger. But to claim his place as jarl, he must rid the Orkney Islands of outlaws and take a wife within two moons. He will set her free if she agrees to marry him.

    Still devastated by his previous wife’s death in childbirth, Einar vows to be a husband in name only. But he can’t keep the sharp-witted temptress out of his bed or his heart for long.

    Holly knows she should leave when she has the chance, but she finally feels the belonging she craves with the gorgeous Viking jarl and his sweet daughter.

    When a surprise pregnancy reignites Einar’s fear, will he send Holly back to her own time or risk his heart to keep her?

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