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The Duke Do-Over

London, 1814

It was her.

He’d recognize her anywhere, mask or not.

Christian Gillies, the Duke of Thornleigh, looked around the room. It was clear no one else in the audience knew it was Lady Isabella Greene playing the pianoforte as though the instrument was her friend, her sibling, her twin.

Her white mask, adorned with lace snowflakes and feathers, concealed the upper half of her face yet reflected the light of hundreds of candles, illuminating her shiny, golden hair.

With swift, graceful movements, her fingers danced over the keys of the instrument. Its polished mahogany case gleamed in the soft light. “Pathétique Sonata” by Ludwig van Beethoven emanated, powerful and entrancing.

He knew the curve of her long, elegant neck, the angle of her straight shoulders, and her back as she played. He’d never forget the taste of her soft, sweet lips, the slight curve of her breasts which had felt so perfect in his hands and against his tongue…. 

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