Two things Highland faeries aren’t supposed to do: fall in love and make themselves visible to humans. Sìneag has never thought of herself as a rule breaker, especially as a Highland Faerie. She follows them strictly and with pride until she meets Brude. Brude is a married Pictish druid warrior who has no idea who she is, and yet, that doesn’t stop her from falling for him and breaking the first rule.

When Brude’s wife dies, Sìneag breaks the second rule and reveals herself to him. In an effort to console him, she talks to him about time travel, and the warrior immediately starts to carve a specific pattern on a stone that would allow him to go through time and save his wife.

Except, the stone doesn’t work.

Sìneag realizes the only way for it to work is to breathe her magic into it. The problem is, the more time she spends with Brude, the more she’s falling for him. She must decide whether to reunite a grieving man with his wife and lose the only man she’s ever loved forever, or keep him for herself even knowing he will never love her back.

In the prequel to the sweeping CALLED BY A HIGHLANDER SERIES, learn how Sineag’s fateful choices ultimately connect her to each couple and put into motion a destiny that cannot be undone.

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