Age of Fire

  • Paranormal Romance

  • A love to bridge the centuries. A destiny to destroy humanity. A power to change the world.

    Eternal winter. Mythical forces. A world on the brink of destruction. It’s all in a day’s work for Boston police detective Ella O’Connor.

    Saving humanity would be easier if her boyfriend, billionaire Channing Hakonson, wasn’t the force behind Ragnarök…and a fugitive on the run. And with the mafia guarding the one thing that could harness her abilities—the golden spindle—she can only grasp at something just out of reach.

    Killing Channing could end the apocalypse, return order across the centuries, and destroy the only man she has ever loved.

    When Channing’s most devastating secret drives them apart, she must protect the city and the world by arresting the love of her life.

    If she can find him.

    The final battle approaches. Will the two most powerful humans in history watch the world burn, or come together and change their destiny?

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