Highlander’s Secret

  • Scottish Historical Time Travel Romance

  • Fighting for love—across the centuries. For all fans of Outlander!

    On a whisky tour in the Scottish Highlands, former Marine and bodyguard Konnor Mitchell tumbles down a steep ravine. Before he can get his bearings, a Highland faerie pitches him back in time to 1308.

    Highlander Marjorie Cambel swore never to let another man victimize her. Finding a handsome stranger wounded and trapped at the bottom of a ravine, she rescues him.

    With the clan who kidnapped and assaulted Marjorie years ago plotting to attack Glenkeld Castle and steal her son, Konnor longs to protect the woman who’s touched his heart. Will he abandon his responsibilities in the twenty-first century and put his life on the line for love?

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    Narrated by: Aaron Shedlock and Marian Hussey

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