Il Natale dell’highlander

  • Un romance storico su un viaggio nel tempo

  • He’s a Highland mercenary. She’s the noblewoman he abandoned. Can the child he never knew about and the woman he never forgot save him from a dark fate this Christmas?

    When infamous mercenary Hamish Dunn visits the warden of the West English March, he finds more than a job. The lass he never stopped loving is now the family’s wet nurse.

    Deidre Maxwell has a dangerous secret. She’s not the widow she claims but a disowned noblewoman with an illegitimate daughter. After being cast aside by the man she loved, she’ll never let herself or her daughter be hurt again.

    Deidre strives to keep him from learning of his child, but she can’t resist the dark Scot’s draw. Hamish wants to protect them both, though he has been hired to murder her father.

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