Pirate’s Pleasure

  • Time Travel Romance

  • Warning: this book is much spicier than Book 1, so if you don’t enjoy a higher flame rate, better don’t buy.

    An unexpected time travel. A seduction dark and forbidden. A bargain that will change them both forever.

    After a nasty breakup where her boyfriend had the audacity to tell her she was boring in bed, good girl Lisa decides to go on a Caribbean vacation with her best friend. While visiting a pirate museum, she becomes entrenched in the story of Captain Cole the Black and how no one loved him. Her inner romantic wants him to have his own happily ever after even if he is a notorious pirate harboring a broken heart. After trying on a replica necklace in the museum, Lisa is transported back to the 18th century where she meets Cole the Black himself in his bedroom – and he awakens something deep in her soul that has been dormant for longer than she realizes.

    Cole the Black is a great pirate and a better lover. He enjoys his freedom on the open sea and in the bedroom. Raiding ships for treasure and pillaging uptight, experienced women behind closed doors is his way of life, and he doesn’t want it to end. When he encounters Lisa in his bedroom during a very intimate act with himself, everything changes. She’s not his type, and he’s never been more attracted to anyone the way he is with her.

    The two decide to strike a bargain. Despite the fact that he doesn’t believe in time travel, he’s willing to give her the necklace and go back home and she will let him seduce her in a way she’s never been before. But it’s difficult for Lisa to trust someone so soon after what happened before and part of her is terrified she may actually enjoy what he promises.

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