Pirate’s Treasure

  • Time Travel Romance

  • A pirate desperate to lead an honest life. An executive who falls through time. One last chance to right the wrongs of the past.

    Bahamas, 1718. Captain James “Prince” Barrow is tired of being a pirate and wants to settle down. As a noble, he never envisioned the life of an outlaw as his own and wants to appease his treasure-hungry crew before they mutiny him due to their lack of patience. Luckily, James has two clues that will lead him to treasure his fellow pirate captain buried on his behalf. In order to attain the third one, James must attend a fancy ball he is sure to be recognized at.

    He needs a companion – one who will help him blend in with high society.

    Bahamas, 2020. As a New York executive, vacation is not in Samantha Gilbert’s vocabulary. Not that her best friend cares. Samantha is dragged to Nassau, Bahamas after a nasty breakup and visits a pirate museum. The tour guide shares a tragic tale of a pirate who died before finding his long-lost treasure. andHe insists on Samantha trying on a jade necklace from that very treasure. Once the cool metal touches her skin, Samantha is taken back through time – straight into the arms of the pirate himself.

    The two strike a bargain: if she helps him find the third clue, he’ll allow her to put on the jade necklace from the treasure and get her back to the twenty-first century.

    With the English hot on their trail and death a near certainty, both are forced to work together not only to uphold their bargain, but to survive. And with time running out, both could very well lose the thing they desire most: each other.

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