Pirate’s Treasure

  • Time Travel Romance

  • A ravishing pirate captain is her protector…and her fated match across time!

    Sun, sand, and margaritas! That’s the tropical island vacation Samantha wants. So when a museum guide—using a powerful jade necklace—sends her to 1718 to save a pirate, she wishes she’d just stayed home.

    A beautiful woman on a ship of bawdy pirates, Samantha is gratefully rescued by too-gorgeous-to-be-true Captain James “Prince” Barrow. With his crew about to mutiny, James must first find treasure fast – and he needs Samantha’s help. But when Samantha gets her hands on the jade necklace again, will she go home or stay with the pirate who has stolen her heart?

    A daring pirate captain doomed to hang.

    A modern-day time traveler sent to rescue him.

    Running for their lives and losing their hearts!

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