Pirate’s Pleasure

  • Time Travel Romance

  • Warning: this book is much spicier than Book 1, so if you don’t enjoy a higher flame rate, better don’t buy.

    “Every good girl wants to be bad. I am the bridge from the light to darkness.”

    Dumped by her ex for being “rigid”, Lisa seeks to escape the heartbreak by taking a Bahamas vacation with her bestie. But when a museum’s guide puts a jade necklace around her neck, her escape takes an unexpected turn as she opens her eyes in 1718, on a ship…facing a very naked, very aroused pirate captain.

    Notorious, dangerous, and sinfully gorgeous Cole the Black, is instantly enchanted by his mysterious beauty. And while holding Lisa captive, he offers her a tantalizing deal: the jade necklace—a ticket back to her time—in return for her surrender for one decadent night.

    And under Cole’s passionate touch Lisa starts to doubt: is she really the good girl everybody believes her to be? With his wicked mouth and talented body, he doesn’t just break through her inhibitions…he shatters them.

    As dawn breaks, Lisa is left with a heart-wrenching decision: should she return to her safe and convenient life in the 21st century, or is it her destiny to rule the high seas with this dark captain who has already plundered her heart?

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